December Giveaway

December’s such a festive month, it just makes you want to give stuff away… if you’re new Follow My Blog in the month of December and you’ll be automatically entered to win this fun Nikon Lens inspired travel mug!

(stainless steal, extends and turns just like a real lens, includes carrying case).

What’s your favorite photography novelty item?

Nikon Lens Coffee Cup Give Away

Unique Gifts & Stocking Stuffers For Photography Lovers!

Check out these fun photography gifts from Urban Outfitters, I always find such cool stuff there… they always the latest come-back novelty and vintage items like Polaroid and Fuji Film cameras. Their photography books would make awesome stocking stuffers for anyone who’s into photography… amateurs or pros.

I love ’em all!

If you have some favorite places to get cool photography gifts at… please post them in comments! Thanks!

Snapchat… did anyone really think their photos just disappeared?

Snapchat photos leaked

Considering younger generations are technologically “savvy” and experienced… and many of them have already had at least one or more negative online encounters by the time they reach high school, the idea that the users of Snapchat are surprised or shocked that thousands of images have been “hacked” and leaked and actually still exist out there in “viral land” seems a little naive. Many people are learning a BIG lesson today! Thoughts?

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave



See more patriotic pic of Linds at!/index/C00004Ly6jl2I3V0/G0000puyJMI3O4eY/1

Amazing! Colin Rich‘s “City Lights” Image Compilation

An amazing series of thousands of time lapsed photos of Los Angeles, set to music by M83. Words cannot describe it, just watch!

The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience