Before Your Session

Pre-Session Checklist

  • Lots of sleep (minimum 8 hours) ~ reduces dark circles under eyes
  • Lots of water (hydration) ~ helps your skin glow, reduces bags under eyes
  • NO: Salt, Alcohol, Greasy or heavy food ~ prevents dehydration and bloating
    *Reminder: Alcohol and aspirin/painkillers thin your blood & can cause bruising, avoid these at least a week before your shoot
  • Solid colors work best, for timeless photos, stick to classic or neutral colors, family portraits look best in black or for casual but fun sessions, nice (dark jeans) and white t-shirts look great.
  • If you are having your hair done by a stylist, it works best if you wash it the day before instead of the day of your shoot.
  • If you are having your make-up done by an artist, a clean fresh face works best, if you have sensitive skin, bring your regular foundation and powder for them to use.
  • Reminder: facials can release impurities in your skin a few days after getting them, causing you to breakout, so schedule them accordingly.