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Terika Kons is a lifestyle photographer. Her inspiration often comes “Out Of The Blue.”  She captures what others might not see or notice.

Terika’s interest in photography began early on… now with over ten years professional experience… and a lifetime of experience as an adrenaline junkie, Terika’s living her dream and finds her inspiration from trying out new things venturing to new places and living on the edge… she’s always up for an adventure and will never turn down the chance to go sky diving, helicopter flying, car racing, bungee jumping or anything that offers new view or perspective of life. Her motto is “If it scares you… then conquer it and do it anyways”

“I photograph with my passion… not just my camera!”

You’ll see this unique edge and enthusiasm in all Out Of The Blue Photography’s work. Terika’s signature style “dirty glam” is her favorite style to shoot and is a fusion of old school pin-up, modern glamour and a little grunge.

“I love photography because it can keep you young at heart, and bring out the playful side of yourself, like back to the days of being a kid and playing dress up and pretend! You can be adventurous and imaginative and do things you might not have a chance to do otherwise… if you want to dress up like a superhero… no big deal!”

“One of my favorite things as a photographer is the “theme creation”, customizing a photo shoot for a specific person or purpose and putting every aspect of it together. I love researching the vision, finding the perfect location, wardrobe, hair style, make-up, and props… every last detail… and then watching it all come together. It’s always so exciting!”

Raised in Alaska, Terika is has been an entrepreneur since she was tall enough to put flyers on car windows to promote the family driving school business (still owned by her and her dad… Captain Halibut Harry). She is constantly evolving her business, her photography skills and building friendships, customers and partnerships that last a lifetime.

My Photography Style

– I use natural light whenever possible and take full advantage of Alaska’s beautiful surroundings.
– I love shooting from different angles to give a normal photograph a unique look
– All photos include basic edits. I aim for a natural look to minimize minor imperfections only. I do provide enhanced editing for portraits and special moments photography (seniors, weddings, families, etc.) as an additional service and fee for clients that request it (see the service page for more info. on this).